Kind Cafe | Vancouver, BC

Kind Cafe | 3080 Main St., Vancouver |

Kind Cafe + Eatery is a zero waste and plant-based restaurant in Vancouver, Canada, opened by father and daughter duo Samantha and Marvin Emerman. The cafe creates an environment that supports health and sustainability for both customers and the planet. Kind Cafe + Eatery was created in response to the growing demand for more plant-based foods and a decrease in animal product consumption. 

Kind Cafe’s Mission:

To create a kinder cafe experience within the Vancouver community through plant-based nutrition, eco-friendly
 resources, and supporting local suppliers:

  • To be KIND to our bodies through nutrition and healthy choices.
  • To be KIND to animals by eliminating meat, dairy, and by-products.
  • To be KIND to the planet through a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. 
  • To be KIND to the community by sourcing and supporting local.

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Planta | Toronto + Miami

Planta | 1221 Bay Street, Toronto, ON |

PLANTA was opened with the purpose of creating delicious food that promotes environmental sustainability. under chef david lee, PLANTA aimed at filling a void in the market of upscale, full service, plant-based dining options. the restaurant’s vision is to celebrate innovative cuisine in a beautiful environment without the use of any animal products.

There’s more to responsible plant-based eating than just taking animals off the plate and our commitment to using high-quality products from ethical suppliers provides the foundation for our chefs to be proud of the food they serve.

Photo Credit: Miami New Times

We’re fans of the stuffed mushrooms with cultured tree nut butter, and the cauliflower and chickpea curry. The pizzas are fired up on gluten-free dough, perfect for NCGS, Celiac, and those who just want to feel great after a beautiful meal. Book in this weekend for Dim Sum and vegan sushi.


Toronto | Queen St, Financial District, Yorkville

Florida | South Beach

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